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10. I would like to say big thank you to Mr. Lee for providing me with such a remarkable learning environment during my study. He is not only a teacher but is also a great mentor. He equipped me with knowledge and skills sets especially in communication, presentation and adaptability, which are not only limited to school but also helping me in my job as well. His life journey is an enormous illustration for his peers, whereby they can learn how to tackle each situation and get the best possible outcomes. Here’s wishing you good health and a great career ahead, and thank you for sharing valuable knowledge which is changing people’s life every day. Best Regards. - Thakur Abhimanyu, Marketing Department, Beacon International College, Singapore (16 April 2020). 9. As parent, i was confused / concerned how to make my kid do better in English, as English is one of the core subject in O level. So started looking for a teacher on the internet / social media - who can do home tuition. After going through many profiles - I came across Kevin - who is good in terms of availability and also fees. In our first meet - both my kids liked him. He is very good at motivating kids and put good amount of effort to make them organized. Within 3 months - could see 1 grade improvement in English. - Mr. Pallab Sarkar, parent of most recent tuition student Ayush, Singapore (24 January 2020). 8. Kevin Lee was my hospitality lecturer during my diploma study at Beacon International College in Singapore. He always brought real-life experiences to the class and was very interactive with us. He was also very helpful in advising on placement and resume writing. I remember one time, he even stayed late after the lecture to guide me on my resume writing process. He was always there to support me whenever I had any assessment or career questions. - Kevin Chan, shortlisted and currently undergoing a leadership development program at Marriott International, United Arab Emirates. (20 January 2020) 7. Hi sir Kevin! I am Anthony Flores from the Philippines. I studied in Singapore last 2015 at  Beacon International College where I met this humble and down-to-earth MAN. As a student of Mr. Kevin Lee, it was such a great experience. I learned a lot from him and till now I’m still using all his advice. He is fun and a very good teacher based on my experience, as he will share all his knowledge. - Anthony Flores, Head Chef, Beacon International College, Singapore (19 January 2020) 6. Hi Mr. Lee, About 18 years ago. I was a student of yours in your class teachings and extra curriculum activities. I remembered you as an inspirational teacher who changes the way we students learn and not for the sake of it but what it’s for. You had multiple teaching ideas for the students to understand as each individual was different. “Changing the paradigm of teaching” as we were from the “ODAC - OutDoor Adventure Club” Extra Curriculum Activities, it was a tough one. The activities we had to prepare for others to experience/enjoy, e.g., school-mates, students from other schools and organisations as we were the first Secondary school to have such levels of equipment. You motivated us when we felt jaded, and you guided us to see that we are more than we think. Even though we were young, some of us felt like it was building a career from young that makes us stronger individually. We may be doing something else but it groomed us. Thank You, Mr. Lee. - Tan LiHao, Financial Consultant, Singapore (18 January 2020) 5. Mr. Kevin Lee is one of the best mentors I have ever had at SHATEC in 2011, and I have learned many useful things through his method of teaching. One of the things is that he uses humour when explaining certain parts of the topic discussed, and this has made me remember the topic better and made it easier for me to learn and understand as the learning process is more interactive. He also made me overcome my fear of public speaking by making me practise speaking in front of an audience. By simulating that physically, I found out that it was not as bad as the human mind actually thinks; and in fact, it is actually pretty simple. I really want to thank him for his knowledge and teaching style as this has changed my life dramatically. - Gavin Chng, Logistics Department in an Aircraft Company, Singapore (18 January 2020) 4. This note serves as a genuine testimonial as well as a thank you note. I will be honest, being an international student made me feel foreign in many ways, especially when it comes to understanding the lesson being taught. I remembered my first presentation assignment at SHATEC was given by Mr. Lee in 2012. We were told to present something that we knew dearly about. Many talked about their family, and cried as it was really emotional. However, I spoke about Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean); it was so different from the others, but Mr. Lee applauded me and gave me high marks for that. He even said "Well done, Nindy; you have set your mark high, and you better maintain this benchmark for your following assignments." I regained my confidence so much that I no longer felt foreign or different, and just became myself instead. The way Mr. Lee mentors is different, it's not all about textbook theory but it integrates to the comprehension of our confidence level and how to improve on it. What I realized after that acknowledgment Mr. Lee made of me was that we will make the best out of ourselves only when we are confident in ourselves about who we are and what we know well about. Mr. Lee is also really appreciative to tell us what good do we make and give constructive feedback on what we can improve on. I think this is really important to keep us going in both good and bad performances we are having in our learning processes. - Anindya Modischa – previously Jakarta Receptionist of The Year 2016 & Indonesia Receptionist of The Year 2016, now running 3 branches of family franchise business in Indonesia (Sumatra) since 2017 (17 January 2020) 3. I took up Diploma in Hotel Management courses at SHATEC in 2011 after my secondary school. I had no idea what this course would have in store for me but still I chose to give it a go. The beginning was always the hardest and during the first term, we had a module in Advanced English. Back then, I didn’t do so well in my language hence this was one of the modules which I thought I would not be able to clear. Thankfully, the mentor assigned to us was someone whom we could communicate with and has never failed to make the lesson more interesting. The person is none other than Mr. Kevin Lee. Language is not something that can be taught easily, it takes the individual to slowly adapt and learn the basic concept before putting it into act. Mr. Kevin Lee is someone who is full of patience and understanding, he will break down the lesson and make it so much easier to comprehend and learn. During the lesson, he will also share with us some of his personal experiences so that we can better relate to what was taught. His lessons were really interesting and are one of the modules that we look forward to every week. Whenever we have any doubts, he was willing to stay back after school with us to explain just so that we really understand. He will provide us with more examples and explain much simpler so that we are able to comprehend. Moreover, I will always remember how Mr. Kevin Lee walked me through the whole process of choosing my next phase of life after our graduation. I was feeling lost and did not know what to choose thus I went to consult him. He literally sat there with me for hours, drawing mind maps and explaining how some of the choices will affect the later part and what are some of the better recommendations to choose from. I felt so enlightened after the whole conversation and I am really thankful for him. – Samantha Lee, Senior Supervisor in Housekeeping Department, Grand Park City Hall, Singapore (17 January 2020). 2. Mr. Lee taught me in one of the subject when I was studying hospitality at SHATEC in 2013! His class was always my favorite as he shared so much of his experiences that he had and his knowledge and his life experiences were lessons for us to help us step up into the hospitality industry, and I learned so much from him. Even though I have graduated many years ago, we still keep in touch and he remembers many of his students (Amazing, right?)! He is not only a teacher but also a mentor for me, and from him I learned to always fight harder and if you are determined you can make it happen. -  Ang Michiko Puspasari, Hotel Duty Manager, Holiday Inn Express, Adelaide, Australia (17 January 2020) 1. “My 2 kids, Shernise aged 12 and Frederick aged 10, attended Mr. Lee’s coaching session during the December school holiday in 2019. What a great way to spend the day! They gained new knowledge and skills in presentation, communication, goal setting, and many self-directed attributes. Most importantly my kids shared that Mr. Lee was engaging and motivating throughout the session. They also like that the session was held in a cozy environment thus helped them learn better! I will highly recommend to everyone who has the interest to develop themselves or their kids to their fullest potential with these useful life skills! Kudos to Mr. Lee!” - Mrs. Seo Tho, whose children attended the Basic, Intermediate & Advance Enrichment Workshops, Singapore (16 January 2020)