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Kevin Lee - Cancer Relapse Survivor turned

Since 2003, Kevin has been actively involved in teaching, lecturing, training, educating, mentoring and transforming the lives of countless students and adult participants from public to private educational institutions as well as in the hospitality sectors (hotels and resorts). Kevin has also headed a department in overseeing the Logistics and Operations Management of a Private Educational Institute (PEI) - Executive Counselling and Training Academy, as well as assisted an externally engaged consultant in preparing the PEI for EduTrust Certification. In 2017, Kevin contracted nasopharyngeal cancer and underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment; and in 2020, he suffered a relapse and underwent a major operation to remove malignant lymph nodes. Since then, he has been actively involved in reaching out to help others (both survivors as well as caregivers) to manage the challenges they faced through various care and support groups.

Kevin’s mission and vision in life are to help others to discover their hidden talents and develop their maximum potential, hence giving rise to his tagline on his profile at various social media platforms – Creating Awareness to Discover Talent, and Drawing Aspiration to Develop Potential!

As a TEACHer, Kevin strongly believes in the philosophy of peak performance and success principles. His ever-consuming passion drives him to empower students and adults with the skills required to learn faster, easier, smarter and happier. He believes in the importance of boosting the participant’s confidence and encouraging them to believe in themselves, thus enhancing their self-esteem and self-worth. A highly positive mindset is something he strives to develop in each and every single person he comes into contact with, be it at work or at play.

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