How I Dealt with My Cancer Relapse: A Journey of Caregiving, Mindset and Support

23. “It’s a good sharing of what Kevin went through as a cancer relapse patient, and offers great advice on how to cope on a personal level and having the right attitude towards spouses and caregivers. We would highly recommend this book!” - Mike & Josephine Png (T.E.A.C.H. Enterprises customers)

Our Journey With Cancer: A Story About Faith, Hope & Love

22. I've read the daily entries by the writer. He is very candid with his feelings and the ordeal that he had gone through. A very powerful testimony that God was his strength and comfort as he walked through the valley in Psalm23. He is also a very loving husband who treasures spending time with his wife who is his caregiver. - Cheryl Kay (T.E.A.C.H. Enterprises customer) 21. How apt that this little book is described as a story about Faith, Hope and Love. For, love – the greatest of the three – has been so infused into this little and wondrously readable book that reading it is an uplifting and edifying experience. Against the backdrop of the spectre of a debilitating illness, and of pain and suffering, here is a story of spousal love, of love of family members and friends, and, above all, of love of God and of His love for us. Thank you, Kevin and Gladys for sharing your how you both carried the cross. - Peter Low (T.E.A.C.H. Enterprises customer)  20. Our journey with cancer was a down to earth writing about Kevin’s journey thru cancer. With his amazing wife he got thru his treatments. Thank you for sharing! It was very informative. - Annette (Amazon customer) 19. A Vital Read! Our Journey with Cancer was a challenge to read; anyone whose lives have been touch with cancer understands the emotional scars this terrible disease in all its forms leaves on the soul. Kevin Lee’s book grants the reader a rare and intimate glimpse of the author’s experience battling nasopharyngeal cancer, from diagnosis to the long and painful treatment to recovery and healing. His anchor in hope is his loving wife, who is his emotional support and care giver. The fact that Mr. Lee is willing to share this experience with his readers illustrates the dynamic relationship between writer and audience. His buoyant and unwavering faith in God, his vulnerability, his discomfort and anguish – nothing is hidden from the reader. This candid journey through his experience humbles the reader, and gives us hope not only in the modern advances in cancer treatment, but more importantly, hope in a loving God that walks with us through the darkest nights of the soul. Mr. Lee demonstrates the patient that faces illness with complete trust in God, praising His name even in the lowest moments of his ordeal. In his moments of weakness, he shows an inner strength that perseveres throughout his challenges. More than a story about faith, hope and love, Our Journey with Cancer is a living testament of a man who has faced one of humanity’s greatest foes, and has triumphed in Jesus Christ. - Mike Bunyak (Amazon customer) 18. Priceless information from a patient perspective. A three months journey with Kevin Lee, where he takes you through his life during the days of treating his nasopharyngeal cancer, a rare type of head and neck cancer. The book is a collection of his writings during his chemotherapy and radiotherapy days and the days beyond. He writes in detail on each day's ups and downs both physically and mentally and the support from his loved ones. His faith and positive attitude throughout the journey without a doubt be the primary aspect that he presents himself as the basis for the treatment. A must read to those who diagnosed with any cancer. One of my dearest ones died of liver cancer earlier this year. I was away for work for many months, and I couldn’t get even near him for his last days. When I travel through Kevin Lee’s memory lane, I could get the feeling of how it was though Kevin’s journey was a success. Anyway, a lot of valuable information from a patient perspective. A must read, beneficial and highly recommended. - Sasha Davidson (Amazon customer) 17. Must read! A remarkable story on how to handle the journey one takes when cancer hits. If you’re looking for inspiration in how to deal with and work to overcome cancer, look no further. - Pat (Amazon customer) 16. Encouraging! Gives insight to the sufferings of a cancer patient. Gives hope, strength, and encouragement. A journey of faith and hope. - Amazon customer

Eighteen Steps Toward White – A Spiritual Journey

15. An Intimate Journey to Salvation! Eighteen Steps Toward White – A Spiritual Journey is Kevin Lee’s heartwarming and inspirational story of his journey to Jesus Christ. In this unabashed recount of his childhood, we follow Mr. Lee’s path from a multi-religious background to the Christian influence of his uncle which initiated his curiosity and exploration of the Christian faith, to his eventual surrender and commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Mr. Lee shares with his readers the particular challenges he faced in his spiritual journey, and the underlying message that spoke to his heart and soul throughout his walk to the Cross: Be still and know I am God. Eighteen Steps Toward White – A Spiritual Journey is Kevin Lee’s definitive witness to a Saviour who speaks to the heart of His unfathomable love for creation. - Mike Bunyak (Amazon customer)

Reflections of Life – The Triplicate Version

14. Good read, extremely beneficial and highly recommended. A journey with Kevin lee through his life where he teaches you through his life experiences, the mistakes he made and how did he overcome all those with sheer dedication and taking actions. When he takes us through his experience, he helps us to learn from his life through various qualities required for a better experience with this life to progress and well-being. The book is indeed a spiritual journey – a journey with every aspect of life's hiccups addressed with its importance to acting on situations in life. I appreciate Kevin for his effort to compile this into a book that many of us know what stops us from achieving our dreams. Good read, extremely beneficial and highly recommended. - Sasha Davidson (Amazon customer)  13. Powerful Lessons! In “Reflections of Life: Triplicate Version” Kevin Lee gives various lessons that he has learned over the course of his life. Each chapter in this book focuses on one simple yet powerful lesson of life. The chapters are easy to read and quite short as well (about 1,000 words each). There is certainly a lot one can learn from this book. Some chapters were really eye opening for me, chapters such as: Control, Tolerance, Awareness, and several others. For everyone who is looking for self development and improvement, I highly recommend this book. Another thing I liked about this book is the fact that it is very relatable. Sometimes when an “extraordinary” person shares lessons from his or her life, it doesn’t really stick because we are living very different lives. Kevin Lee however, lived a life that is quite “ordinary”. And I believe the lessons that he learned and shares in this book will be both relatable and helpful to most people. I’ll end this review with my favorite quote from the book: “Many of us go through our lives trying to find meaning, when we should actually be trying figure out what meaning to give our life instead.” - Mañol (Amazon customer) 12. A book filled with valuable experiences worth learning from! Each chapter flows really well to another. The author’s life experiences and wisdom portrayed in the book are really valuable. This book really stands out from the others. Overall a great read that taught me subtle lessons in life that can improve myself as a human being. - Followzhao (Amazon customer) 11. Insightful and a pleasure to read! Kevin Lee’s Reflections of Life (The Triplicate Version) surprised me, in that it doesn’t read like the typical inspirational books on the market. Mr. Lee writes to share his experiences, and impart the wisdom he has gleaned from those experiences without coming across as patronizing; he writes with a humbleness that immediately puts the reader at ease, and makes the whole act of reading his work equivocal to sharing an afternoon coffee at a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlet. As he brings us through each page of his book, he brings us to pause in ‘reflection’ of his words, and causes us to invoke our own lives in retrospect. Each chapter of Reflections of Life holds a precious nugget of insight and sage wisdom, hard wrought from Mr. Lee’s own life experiences. He approaches topics that we can all relate to, and he blends his personal experience with his advice on how his readers can optimize these areas in life to achieve personal success, no matter what their vocation may be. Reflections of Life is a promise that Kevin Lee made make to both his former students, and to himself; it is a work that demonstrates the inspiration he shares within the pages of his work. It is the end result of a soul-searching journey, and it speaks volumes of the writer’s ability to ‘practice what he preaches’; Reflections of Life made me take a good, honest look at my own life, to see the potentials, my personal flaws, and the excuses I make to avoid making more of my life than it already is, thus hindering my progress through life. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who has ever wondered who that person is when they look into a mirror. Reflections of Life will help you see that person more clearly – not only who they are, but what they can aspire to be. - Mike Bunyak (Amazon customer)

Reflections of Life – Part Three

10. A clear and relatable little book. Reflections of Life is the third part in a personal journey through life with all its ups and downs. This part again covers subjects almost everyone can relate to such as procrastination and determination. It is clear described and honest and I greatly enjoyed reading it. I would recommend getting part 1 and 2 as well, but they can be read separately. - Flower Elf (Amazon customer)

Reflections of Life – Part Two

9. Insightful! There are some real quality points in this book. I found the points in the chapters about humility, patience, and tolerance the most enlightening. Perhaps because I tend to lack patience and humility myself and they are essential qualities to have. Even if you haven’t read Part 1 this is still an easy-to-follow read that is packed with good information. Enjoy! - AP (Amazon customer) 8. This book is the second in the series of 3 books in which the author reflects on his life experiences. Each chapter of the book touches on topics relating to our daily lives. In the book the author shares without reservations his life experiences with the readers. A thought-provoking book that enriches your life. - Shugen (Amazon customer) 7. Focus on what’s important! A friend of mine referred this book to me and after starting the first chapter I couldn’t put it down. Reading this book felt more like a journey. Kevin Lee helped to shift focus on what’s most important in life. I feel so inspired that I will start this journey from the beginning and read Part One. The most important lesson to take is to realize that you don’t have to live with regret. It’s impossible to change your past, but you should fix mistakes whenever you can. If you cant, just move on and focus on what’s important. I will keep the good vibes going and I will recommend this book to all of my friends so that we can take this journey together. I also suggest that you do the same if you want the people close to you to be successful in their lives. - Sigalit (Amazon customer) 6.  Liked it very much! Very Interested Book. Liked the topic, bought the second edition because was cheaper. No disappointment, will buy the whole series and recommend to everyone. Thank you! - Aleksandras Jancenka (Amazon customer) 5. A clear map to success! A continuation of Kevin Lee’s thoughtful ruminations on life in Reflections of Life: Part One. The author provides encouragement to follow a step by step process to achieving your life goals. Easy to understand and adopt. This is an uncomplicated primer for people who wish for success in life’s endeavors. - PMNewman (Amazon customer)

Reflections of Life – Part One

4. This book is amazing! It tells you about how to become a better person with different elements such as courage and self control. Highly recommended. - Edir Marcolino (Amazon customer) 3. Life Lessons! This book is a road map to success in life. Anyone who wishes to learn the life lessons from Kevin Lee will find this a useful tool. He leads the reader through the thought processes that move you forward rather than looking back. Highly recommended. - PMNewman (Amazon customer) 2. I like the life lessons that this book has to offer! It is truly inspiring as it sums up the crust of leading a fulfilling and enjoyable life. - Yun0kaze (Amazon customer) 1. Very inspiring …Excellent …can relate and get encouragement through the personal experience of the author! Recommended to both young and old but especially for those just starting out in working life or struggling to find the right path in life. - Anonymous (Amazon customer)