How to live your life to the fullest - spiritually, personally, and professionally

How to live your life to the fullest - spiritually, personally, and professionally!

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Personal mistakes committed and learning experiences have resulted in the birth of this book, which has been a rather challenging undertaking the past year, given that I am still with managing yet another year of unemployment since contracting cancer back in 2017; and even with the sales of my existing eBooks every now and then, it is hardly enough to meet the financial needs. Thank goodness for savings and insurance claims plus the generosity of donors, I feel blessed and grateful that I am able to cope despite the ongoing challenges. Furthermore, a worldwide viral pandemic just adds on to the ups and downs faced by everyone besides myself; and I felt the need to share my two cents’ worth with the hope of giving hope to anyone open to hearing about it. By striving to live my life in a particular order and sequence (spiritually, personally and professionally), I have discovered that it is easier both physically and mentally in my case. Therefore, I humbly implore you to consider the suggestions I have highlighted inside this book; and do not just take my word for it, but instead try them out for yourself to see which works for you and discard those that do not otherwise. Online orders are available, and the following methods are accepted as forms of payment: 1. Internet Banking (DBS Savings Plus 019-3-049924) 2. PayNow or PayLah (+65 9822 5871) 3. PayPal ( Kindly provide me with a purchase screenshot either via email ( or WhatsApp (+65 9822 5871), and I will send the eBook/s to you thereafter. Thank you, and I look forward to receiving your order soon. Fyi, the first 100 orders are capped at $7 per eBook as an introductory promotion; thereafter, it will revert to $13 per eBook. Secure your copy as orders are being fulfilled fast, to avoid disappointment.

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