Coaching has always been in TEACHer Kevin’s blood since he came across the word about 30 years ago, and despite going into teaching and training about 20 years ago the passion to pursue a coaching career remained an unfulfilled dream that continued to emerge every now and then. Without even realizing it, TEACHer Kevin had already been ‘coaching’ the people (both students and adults) he encountered either in his classes or at his workshops; and he had also chalked up the necessary experiences required to qualify him as a life coach. Being an educator in Singapore, paper qualifications have always been vital for getting ahead in one’s career;  and as a result, the lack of a proper certificate held TEACHer Kevin back from actually embarking on his life-long dream of becoming a life coach. After frantically searching for an internationally recognized certification program that will provide him with the accredited credentials and equip him with the knowledge and skills for launching his very own life coaching business, TEACHer Kevin finally took the bold step by offering coaching sessions as part of the products and services available on his website. TEACHer Kevin, who is now also known as COACH Kevin, provides coaching sessions that enable clients to discover their ultimate purpose in life with clarity; his packages are worth considering because they are long-term investments in the overall development of the client's life, with constant focus on the end result throughout the entire coaching process.  To arrange for a FREE consultation before making your decision, feel free to contact COACH Kevin by clicking the button below.